Gelato is an Italian style of ice cream that was traditionally made in small lots by artisans across the country. While the style varied somewhat between different producers, they all used similar production methods with recipes that were handed down through the generations, and all gelato ice cream has a unique creamy, zingy, refreshing texture that is quite unique in the world of ice cream.

The features of genuine gelato ice cream that are common across all producers are:

  • Fresh ingredients are used for each new batch of ice cream, typically made on a daily basis
  • Lots of fruit is used in gelato (chunks and puree) such as lemon, orange, berries and mango, along with our favourite classic ice cream ingredients such as chocolate
  • Using traditional manufacturing techniques that make gelato uniquely different to normal ice cream

Properly made gelato ice cream is served at a higher temperature than normal ice cream (-12° to -14° for gelato and -18° to -25° for normal ice cream) and the resulting rich, creamy consistency is an important part of what makes gelato so appealing.

Another feature of gelato ice cream is its low fat content. Even the creamiest gelato typically contains around half the fat of normal ‘industrial’ ice cream and many gelato flavours contain no fat at all. Absolute gold.

So if you want the best hand made ice cream in Port Douglas, please drop by and try our gelato.

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